Tax Return Pickup


If you received a message that your tax return is completed, please see the below options and schedule.


Please email with your preferred delivery method.



Option 1: Mailing the return to you


If you wish, we can priority mail the return to you.  However, we anticipate slower mail delivery in the coming weeks.  We can use FedEx but we must pass along that FedEx cost.  


Option 2: Uploading files to a secure portal


We can use our secure portal to deliver your tax return. Current federal regulations prohibit us from delivery by email.   If you wish to use the portal delivery, please e-mail us at so that we can provide you specific information about our portal.  In fact, our portal is the sole method of electronically delivered work and many, many clients have been using it for years!


Option 3: Physical pickup at our office


We ask that you call first to arrange a pickup time. An appointment is not required but we must know (approximately) when to expect you.


We ask that when you arrive, please look to see if others are picking up.  If so, please wait outside until those individuals leave before entering.  Please give us a moment to replace the liner on our counter. 


We will present your returns and signature forms, while maintaining the 6 foot distance.  



We appreciate everyone's cooperation during this crisis.  


Thank you for your continued support of our vision here. 


Warmest Regards,